Daddy V – Julieta (GetMziki Exclusive **)


image courtesy of Daddy V Myspace

We have never covered Daddy V on GetMziki, I believe the few instances we have mentioned his name here have had to do with his “apparent” conflict with DJ Pinye and other promoters. Unfortunately during this period of bad press (although to me there isn’t anything like bad press – I call it FREE publicity) we never really got to hear his side of the story (Nor Pinye’s for that matter). So to me this whole conflict was hear say. However one key fact remains constant – Daddy V is passionate about his music and has been doing this for a long time. I met him once in Dallas at a show we had together with Jua Cali. The promoters of the show had some slight difficulty with their equipment and set up – so the delivery was awefull. Daddy V was performing before Jua Cali and a local DJ was trying to rally up the crowd as the equipment was being fixed at the same time.

After the DJ set, Daddy V didnt hesitate, he jumped on stage grabbed the flawed mic and just started blazing – personally id never seen that before in my life. The last time I was at a concert with faulty equipment the artist left for his hotel, so to me this was crazy. V ripped it with his reggae sensationalized lyrics and tones leaving his fans in awe and screaming even if half the performance was already flawed. I stood next to JuaCali as he watched this and he too realized that he will have to give it his all regardless of the poor set up the promoters had set up for these artists. To date I think if V hadn’t gotten on that stage, probably JuaCali wouldnt have either… But thats not whats important here, whats important is that Daddy V has blessed us with some new material and we will release one at a time based on demand.

Here is his hit new single Julieta (Thanks to Kilimanjaro Records and Daddy V).

I’ll reserve my personal opinion about the track for now, I am yet to critic the track so ill wait for about 5 or more comments and then give my feedback.

listen to Julieta here:


download the track here:


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