DJ Slim – Club Boomerang Mix


image courtesy of DJ Slim

Whenever you put Janet Jackson (escapade), don’t you want my love and some Robin S… I always feel that you are older than you claim to be or seem to be. DJ Slim is one of the BAY AREA’s finest Kenyan DJ’s, as much as I think Slim is a better urban and Genge DJ (there are other Old School veterans in the Bay like DJ Mpenzi – who play Ashford and Simpson, and Dennis Richards you’d be surprised, you can think Bruice Odhiambo is back to DJying he he he). Slim still steps up to the challenge and will do something that will prove me wrong.

This month has been the month of Old Skool mixes, so many DJs have submitted Old skool Mixes, but so far non has come close to reminding me of Boomerang (or better known as Club Ainsworth – Club Aint Worth it for anyone born before 74 he he he, honestly if you went to Boomerang when it was Club Ainsworth its time for you to stop henging). This mix reminds me of Boomerang and Visionz. I cant lie… There are those classic songs that just sit well in your heart.

The mix is a must have the only problem I have with it is that TIMBALAND and KERI HILSON Blend with Fatman scoop. It has no business on this mix 🙂 am just saying… I am not sure what the objective was (ama ngoma iliisha kabla DJ astuke???) And the Eminem guess whose back!!! Those two songs have no business on this mix. And you put this right before Ya Kid Kay… DAMN that killed the mix for me or rather a tight mix, such an anti climax… None the less a must have mix for anyone looking for some good beats and some good old memories.

None the less Slim is one of my good friends – always look forward to a Slim party any day… //

listen to DJ Slim’s Club Boomerang Mix here:


download the set here:


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