DJ Week: Obamanation Mixtape – DJ Mafiosso


Obamanation Mixtape

We are currently overwhelmed with the number of Mixtape submissions, so this week in order to try and push out all the back log we have, we will post a new mixtape if possible every day. Granted there are some mixes that are not worth posting because they are all repetitions and or just the same, so what I will do is pick sets that I think deserve a place on the web regardless of DJ skills and or technique.

The first being this one from DJ Mafiosso who took up the Obama Challenge we had a few months ago. He finished this one kinda late but I think it deserve a spot on this website simple for the fact that the track selection is sick. The quality is not up to my standards but I think the Mixtape sends a good message that a DJ should be ready to take up any challenge – no matter what.

Listen to Obamanation here:


Download the mixtape here

Please right click the link and hit save target as: Obamanation Mixtape


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