DJ Dyme – Dymetime Radio (East African Mix)



I’ve never heard DJ Dyme play live nor have I ever had the opportunity to listen to any of his mixes but the funny thing is that this cat has more face value than any other DJ right now. He is always on some flyer somewhere or some website and or an event. (Thats some good marketing and branding by the way Dyme – when an individual has more face value than recognition value – in this industry that goes a long way).

So when he submitted this mixtape I was like wow finally I’ll get to sample some of Dymes work, I actually was keen to say the least to post this mix and also to listen to some of the blends he might have. Truthfully the tracklist is standardized its the same shit you will get from all the other 30 Mixtapes we get submitted on GetMziki, however the one thing that made me post this mixtape is that LAST SONG ON the mix…. SHIT.. that song is FIRE (Dyme send me that song).

K-Teezy and Politiq F&*K you guys murdered that Auto Tune and the beat is so fresh – I cant lie, F&*k it – that ngoma is on FIRE…. I admire how you guys have a DJ that pushes your music, you have established a good network of people, entertainers, producers and aggregators that supports the whole engine. I salute the efforts – the Kenyan American thing is coming whether guys like it or not… Dyme that was a good look… That song makes me think anyone can do what Lil Wayne does…

listen to the Dymetime Radio here:

[audio: _East_African_Vol1.mp3]

download the mix here:

Track list

1. Ogopa Djs ft. Colo – Girl Like You
2. Wahu – Sweet Love
3. Klepto – Magnetic
4. P. Square – Why Be Say
5. Weasel ft. Moze – Nakudata [U.G]
6. Jua Cali ft. Enika – Niimbie
7. Kenzo – Zam Zam
8. Indeginous ft. Vintiqeezy – Binti [Remix]
9. Chava ft. Marico – Wacha Kukataa
10. Kenzo – Mama Milka
11. Longombas – Queen
12. Nonini ft. Lady Bee – Kumbuka
13. Mr Lenny – Zinduka
14. Jua Cali – Ngeli Ya Genge
15. Vintiqeezy ft. Vyba, K Teezy & Kaulaz – Piga Picha
16. Vintiqeezy ft. Vyba – Jiachillie
17. Koro ft. Vyba & Chava – Kamares [WORLD PREMIER]
18. K Teezy ft. Politiq – Fly


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