Brand New: Abbas – Get Down (GetMziki Exclusive***)



I will never get over the fact that Abbas still remains one of the most under rated artists in Kenya. I wont even get into his lyrical capabilities and how he is always on the rise with verbal assault. What I will say though is this BEAT is fat – “Kama Blaze, ama kama sukuma wiki na Mayonasse, Ama kama Achieng Abura na Victor Seii wakiingia kwa dinga – heeiii eeeii” (Those Lyrics were coined by Bamboo not me)

Abbas drops a line on this track with that Auto Tune “sisi ni warui, tunawaroga kama wakamba wa kitui” That thing just put me on the floor.

ps. Rumor has it that Abbas is beefing with Jua Cali – can anyone confirm??

Enjoy the track..

listen to Get Down here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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