DULO|GASM VOL. 8 – East Africa Proud (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


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I used to listen to a lot of mixtapes and DJ Mixes a while back, I soon realized that there was no differentiator and worse realization was there were very few good DJs available in our market. So I stopped. What I did is I picked about 5 or 8 DJs that I knew would always deliver a good Mixtape for my car listening pleasure and I just ran with it.

It also doenst help that I know too many DJs so I can always get a dude to make me a mix if I needed to but I think also with time, the fact that I have spotify and iheart radio it makes it irrelevant to have a mix all the time.

That said getting your hands on classics lately seems rare so when you do find one – I usually like to share with the world. The mix am sharing today is one such classic, Dulo’s song selection for his Vol 8 is spot on and on point. Its a good quick well thought of and put together summary of the big East African songs in 2012. Dulo doesnt get bogged down with trying to scratch his way from one song to the next, to me he just delivered on the promise of Dulogasmz which is provide you a good preview of whats happening on that corner of the continent through music.

So when you get a chance listen and download this mix – I give it a 4 out of 5 GetMziki Stars.

Listen to the Mix here:

Update Tracklist:

Whistle (Swalz Pro) – Mr.X, Cindy, Raba, Weasel, Radio, Navio, Davis, Gnl, Viboyo, Mun-G, Vamposs (UG)
Taxi Money (B2K Dancehall Mixdown) – Goodlyfe Ft. Sizza (UG)
Amerudi – Belle 9 (TZ)
Maskin Wenzangu – Ngwear Ft. Mirror (TZ)
Dhahabu – Dully Sykes, Joselin & Mr Blue (TZ)
Boga Na Ua Lake – C-Sir Madini (TZ)
Mapema – Angeries Ft. Bob
Valu Valu (Clubton Remix – Senior-B) – Dr. Jose Chameleone
Sishiki Simu (Heloo) – Marya
Dancehall Party – Wyre
Dont Break My Heart (Remix) – Coco Finger & Jackie Chandiru
Dushe Dushe – Vumi
Yeye – Lady Jay Dee
Mapito – Mwasiti Ft. Ally Nipishe
Kichefuchefu (Remix) – Smile
Bogolako – Bebe Cool
Piga Simu (Afro Remix) – Diva Ft. Diamond & Dimpoz
Walking Class – Ala C
Kitu Kimoja – Avril
Niko Naee (Nakapendaga) – Squeezer Feat. Chidi Benz & Bob Junior
Nimpende Nani – Diamond
Hellow – Prof J Ft. Dully Sykes
Mawazo – Diamond
Byansi Byakuleka – Dr. Jose Chameleone
African Swagger – Alpha Ft. Rah P
Dati Dati – Mudy Kibiriti


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