Exclusive: 9ice – Gongo Aso


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we posted this song a few days ago but I know many of you slept on it, a few people downloaded it the day we posted it (Actually 48 downloads on day one). THIS IS A BIG TUNE. I felt there is no way we can let this track just slide like that.

9ice is one of the BIGGEST NIGERIAN artists, as Africa sees a new wake in Nigerian Urban hiphop artists – it seems like no one can stop this country of close to 300 million people stop. They have pioneered the movie industry, the telcom industry and now they seem to be taking over the music industry in ways we never thought possible. When P-Square came out we knew they were great and they were shaping up the new era of urban African music… but When I heard of 9ice – I knew that we have a new era in the making in African music.

While in the US rap is DYING – I think HIPHOP is very much alive in AFRICA… and its songs like these that help reinstate the fact that hiphop is not dying, its just changing hands – the torch is being handed over to the African Urban artists to infuse a little of their culture, their dialects and some essence of their classic old african tunes and instruments… What you get is something blended well called – GONGO ASO!!!!!


listen to Gongo Aso here:


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