Fan’tana Ft. Poison – Hey Girl


We get tons of music from artists all over Africa and sometimes it makes difficult to post some tracks without some necessary info, like a small bio, a picture and a clearly labelled mp3. I cannot count how many times we have recieved music from artists tagged “track1″or “track2”,which after a while get “lost” among the many songs we receive tagged the same way. Fan’tana sent us this track through our Kenyan street connect Dan Mixa, along with a small bio, a picture and a clearly tagged MP3 file, which was a breath of fresh air as compared to what the other upcoming artists are doing.

Accoring to his bio, Fan’tana is an artist/producer, who became the only artist in Kenya to ever win the “Homeboyz H2O Freestyle Competition” for a period of 10 weeks in a row in 2006 and is currently signed to Dice Entertainment alonside “Poison” who according to his profile has been raised across various African countries.

According to the duo, “Hey Gal” is a unique song derived from a brand new style called “C-Tuka” comprising a blend of Swahili, English & ‘Sheng’ on a rhythmic “Kwaito” tune.

I wanna know what people out there think of “Hey Girl”


Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Video below:


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