Frasha (P-UNIT) – Manze!


P - Unit

One of the few things that sucks about finding Kenyan artists or talent is that there isn’t enough information out there about any particular artist. In fact our biggest name in the game – Nameless doesn’t even have a website or a sensible myspace… (am sure some guy somewhere went and created space for him – I am yet to see his profile on Facebook either). Anyway my point here is artists don’t take their careers to the next level as they should.

However earlier this month there was a youthful meaningful attempt by Noni (the P-Unit innovator),one of the longest serving entertainers in Kenya – Although as of today, the site seems to be down. I’d guess there are some internal issues, but the reality is that there was some good amount of time and expertise spent in implementing that site and putting up songs and images for users to download at a dollar fifty (that’s the part I didn’t agree with – kutupa mbao viriski)

I hope the site comes back because its the only resource I had to get any information on FRASHA (a P-Unit member) and also any information I may need on Nonini himself. I like this song a lot, not only because Musyoka produced it, but because Frasha’s delivery on the track is very impressive. “Juu mimi pia manze huwa na ma manzi wana nipandisia mpaka nataka kuandika ma verse”

listen to the song here:

[audio: _manze.mp3]

download the song by clicking here:


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