G-Wiji – Rest in Peace



G-Wiji aka Miti of the legendary hip-hop duo Mashifta has passed on. Together with fellow rapper Kitu Sewer they formed the collective group and were among the pioneers of hip hop music in Kenya and with classic cuts like Pesa Pombe Siasa na Wanawake, System Ya Majambazi, and Unga.

Mashifta and their Ukoo Flani Mau Mau movement was one of the groups who used songs to tackle the social, political and economic situation in Kenya with amazing passion. G-Wiji’s rhythmic word play, lyricism and versatility is what we had come to appreciate. He captivated the listener and left you wanting more.

For Hip-Hop heads and lovers of good music in general, please bump heavy to Mashifta’s music as you celebrate the life of G-Wiji. Although G-Wiji is gone, his work will continue to make marks on the music community.

One one his lines on the “Majambazi” record sums it all up. Nafanya my time nikichungwa na mungu

RIP G-Wiji.

Listen to Pesa, Pombe, Bia na Wanawake below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch System ya Majambazi below:


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