GBO – Sicker than your Average



GBO to me is probably my first best example of what can happen if you remain consistent but also understand your flow, your style and what you need to do to become successful in the music industry. Noah would be the first to tell you am his biggest critic, I complain a lot, I am harsh and probably don’t give fair judgement to people and music that much deserves credit. However I am proud of the fact that I have a good sense for a good beat, good flow and most of the time I am right on the money on a hit track.

So when a DJ actually sent me this track and not GBO himself, I had to run back to GBO and acknowledge the growth and the flow. I wont really share what I bitched about before but if you listen to this track and compare it to these two tracks we posted a few years/months ago, you can see what I am saying. Enjoy this two minutes of GBO goodness.

listen and download Sicker than your average here:

watch the GBO Sicker than your average video here:


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