Tanzania Bila Madawa – PSA



If anyone has been following the tragic, disturbing and probably unfortunate career of Ray C then this song shouldn’t be surprising to you. I am one of the fortunate few who has spent time with Ray C in person and also seen her electric performances live. So this part of her life has been a little painful for me to watch unravel and see her strugglel through it, on a personal level. To me I think Ray C made it okay for Tanzanian female artists as well as teen girls embrace their sexuality or feminism. Basically Ray C in my opinion made it okay for many Tanzanian women to feel sexy and be sexy in public. I think the industry owes her a lot, because her contribution both musically and personally from how she lived her life – really helped the country make some great strides in coming to terms with sexism.

Anyway fast forward to this year and it looks Ray C is steadfastly making a come back to music and is actually making some public appearances here and there. I’ve shared a recent interview I saw on Youtube with her opening up about substance abuse in public probably for the first time. So its only right that this track follows on the heels of some of these types of news headlines.

Hiphop/Bongo Flava in Tanzania is going through a transformation of sorts. For some reason drugs have become a prevalent theme in the music industry in the region and now some artists are standing up against this. This is a collaboration from some of the great artists produced by one of my favorite Tanzanian producers – LAMAR.

Get and feel the song here:

And just for kicks here is a recent interview of Ray C on the Sporah show, recorded in June 2014.


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