Alikiba – Mapenzi (GetMziki Exclusive ***/ONE 8 Project Exclusive)


This is one of the few posts i will make with no particular explanation, mostly because this track is HOT OFF THE PRESS. Literary this track is so hot the plate that I capped this track on was burning. Its as if the guys at Rockstarr heard my rants and eventually just put this together to shut me up. I was so pissed off and disappointed with the initial execution of the ONE8 project. To listen to this crazy track I am like okay okay okay ONE8 lets start this whole project again – lets reset our watches.

In total Ali Kiba says about four English words (FEEL FREE TO LOVE). Thats great – lets leave it at that, coz the rest of the track is just FIYAAAH. When we leave our artists to do what they do best in their own elements this is the type of sound and music we will get. CLASSICS. Again this is hot off the press so I need to listen to it a few more times and get a little more info on the track composition and credits so I ill stop here but from what I understand this is part of the ONE8 project tracks – and to me this is OFFICIAL. Thank you thank you… Kiba twende Kazi!

Alvin – WELCOME BACK Mzee wangu!!!

listen to Mapenzi here:


download the track here:


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