Habida – Get Down Tonight


I need to apologize to Habida for sleeping on this track. Somehow somewhere in the back of my mind I feel like I had posted it last year but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on GetMziki. So Habida my apologies, however I have a pretty good feeling you didn’t really miss the post as much with your new hectic busy maternal schedule lately (wink* wink*). Congratulations!

R.Kay (Robert Kamanzi) blessed this track from start to finish, i’ts interesting how I can hear a beat and know thats an R.Kay signature beat. He has a distincitve way of keeping his music production style African. In most cases there is an element of Benga or Zouk being fused together with some Urban essense which I find fresh when put together with a soulful artist. Actually the beat was so fresh I almost forget that Habida is singing in english (coz I have a pet peeve with many Kenyan artists who sing in english and dont do it well). But I am glad Habida doesnt really have this problem (Kennesaw and Rusinga really helped lol).

That said on a personal level, looking at the video I can see so much growth and maturity in her, I understand she is a mother and generally there will be changes in most women but its amazing to see that she is still working it in the video, she looks hot and still sexy. Whats more evident to me is that the clothing style has changed sexy yet still conservative. Am always trying to tell mamas here that you can be sexy and conservative but you don’t have to pull some scandalous mini sketi and some avunjas to get attention. But am often shut down because most mamas believe that they dress to make themselves feel good – blaargh whatver.

I also gotta say I love the video, I love the quality of the video especially the lighting and the color treatment. But I hated the dancing routine and competition thing going on in the background. I think dancing in Kenya is still in its infancy – I enjoy the mosquitoes and Kangaroos anyday more than guys trying to “Bring it On” and they don’t really bring it. I mean there are a few guys on that video that could really dance, but the rest were like an average 30/100. Anyway i digress as usual. Habida this is a tight jam and a much needed production – Am feeling it.

ps. For the instrumental and accapella hungry DJs – hit me up for these assets.

listen to Get Down here:


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