Proff – Nani remix (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Proff passed by our Kenya offices recently and Louis managed to grab him for an quick photoshoot. Its weired coz as big and as successful we think Proff is, the man has no single image online or anywhere on the internet – so I hope this photoshoot was the start to something grand for him and for anyone looking to promote Proff and his music.

To date I am yet to hear a bad Proff released track, sometimes I attribute his success to MAICH BLAQ (his producer) and then sometimes I think Proff just goes hard on any track he puts out. I think out of all the artists we highlighted in 2010 this is one cat who definitely derserves every recognition he can get. Its unfortunate he hasnt toured outside Kenya yet but truth be told EACH ONE OF HIS SONGS is a HIT. We recently published his work on Mixtape Fridays here – Listen to Data and Niambie one more gain.

We’ve never featured this track or its original version so its only right I present this to y’all as you plan on embarking on your Las Vegas journeys this coming month. These are the types of remixes you will be listening too over the next few weeks. The first time I heard Nani was over a TOD mix, I knew the voice was familiar but I couldn’t place it, I later realized that it was Proff killing it on the vocals and the delivery. All DJ’s need this remix, IT’S a MUST HAVE – go get it…

listen to Nani remix here:


download the track here:

updated Video:

watch the video here:


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