Wyre Feat JB. MAINA – Mwanake (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I am sitting here feeling really bad that I discredited Wyre a little too early in the game. Truthfully I hate the whole Jamaican/accented Kenyan rapping style. Considering hate is a big word, I just dislike it. I find it not authentic and unoriginal, however its hard to ignore the fact that some people actually make some good songs using this singing format as their brand, as their core musical DNA.

One such artist is WYRE. The thing is Wyre can sing his heart out, I’ve seen him perform live, ive seen him try all sorts of different things but I figure he just loves Dancehall/Reggae. And long before he started making his recent hits – I had discredited him and said I had heard enough of Wyre and I moved on to the next one. But its hard to ignore a moving snowball, with so much momentum. Listening to this well credited, well articulated and much deserving tribute to Kenyan Kikuyu folk music – I cant help but feel like a dumb ass for putting the man down.

Today I realise that for some artists if doing you is doing things differently or unauthentic from your own culture then its fine. If doing you is doing Dancehall and faking patois then just do you. Wyre has been consistent with his music, his genre and himself for a long time – I think its just me whose been late in accepting Wyre. Honestly listen to Chuki by Wyre and tell me if thats not him at his best. Listen to Wyre featyring TID – Kama ndoto Kweli. (Although he has a version where he is just by himself check it out). Anyway maybe am just a hater but I think Wyre is one of the talented vocalist in the area, my problem is I get stuck in his Jamaican thing I forget what a great artist he can be.

This track is fire – I understand all Kyuks are going crazy over this collaboration in Kenya right now. This is a remix of JB Maina’s track and I cant think of a better way to pay homage or pay tribute to a Kyuk legend that to collaborate with an Urban artist such as Wyre. I know local DJ’s will go crazy on this – can someone send me the original JB Maina Song? I’ve heard this song at almost every Kyuk function I’ve attended over the last 6 years… With this collabo I rest my case on Wyre …

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watch the video here:


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