GBO – Sunrise To Sunset & Addict


I’ve done my own family wrong for not posting this track sooner than today. Noah Odongo is like my small brother, currently based in London studying for some highly complicated Engineering degree – I don’t even know how he finds time to make music or pursue his musical talents. So its no surprise as he wrapped up these two tracks and sent me numerous facebook messages about his excitement, I got overwhelmed with other 50K text messages, emails and facebook messages that I totally forgot to applaud his studio tracks.

It’s hard to criticize your family, coz where do you start. I am probably more hard on him than anyone else, so I will spare my meaningless rants on this post to allow the taste makers to ease into GBO aka Golden Boy Odongo. The only tit bit I will say is that GBO is not necessarily fresh to the rapping game but he is maturing, ive paid attention to his flow since he started rapping at 8yrs old (I know hard to believe but its the truth). So to me this is only going to get better and more sharpened.

GBO is cut from the same cloth with some of the cats that I admire in Kenya today – the Camp Mullas of this earth. All these new age kids, creating new age sounds, sorta went to some high end schools (Hillcrest). But its as if this didnt really dictate who or what they will become in the entertainment game and it shouldnt. Be blessed – I introduce you to my little man – GBO!!!

listen and download the track here:

Sunrise To Sunset by GBO

listen and download addict here:

Addict by GBO


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