Juma Nature – Umoja wa Tanzania / Jinsi (GetMziki Throwback ***)


Here is a selfish post today – I MISS JUMA NATURE – in not so many words. To me, he is probably the most successful and hardest working Bongo Flava artist in Tanzania up to date. Sure there are other ridiculously crazy swahili lyricists in Tanzania. But between Juma Nature, Inspekta Haroun and Proff Jay (Wasanii wa kizaki kipya), I can’t think of any Bongo Flava artists that I would look forward to listening to since Local Urban Music came to life.

As I walk down memory lane I wanted to share some old skool bangers from the GREAT TANZANIAN artists called Juma Nature also known as Juma Kassim Ally. I want to talk about his legacy as an artist, as a leader and as an influence to the whole TEMEKE group but I wont. At least not today. For today I just need you all to be blessed with these three bangers from his 2004 album titled Ugali. The first song is called Umoja wa Tanzania which speaks to the heart of being Tanzanian and talks about a Unity that the country’s people exemplified.

The next track is Jinsi which talks about a guy who has lost his way in the essence of our Tanzanian culture. And lastly as a Bonus track which is a collabo between Nature and Inspekta Haroun. I love Inspekta he he he dude raps in ways I can’t describe. His English is a culmination of Swanglish and Bongoflava which he only understands. If you understood Bongo then Inspekta is one dude who would keep you highly entertained.

listen and download the track here:

Juma Nature – Umoja wa Tanzania by getmziki

listen and download Jinsi here:

Juma Nature – Jinsi by getmziki


listen and download Mzee wa busara here:

Juma Nature feat Inspekta Haroun – Mzee wa busara by getmziki


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