Brand New Music: Jimwat feat JTD – Sitakumezeshea


jimwat.jpg Truthfully when I got this song I gave it a first listen, and then I closed the link. I tried to listen to it again, and then did the same thing. I dont mean to be harsh or rude – but this is a whack song. I cant lie, I cant stand it. Jimwat has had some interesting music in the past (the whole under 18 and paulina) but this is a useless track.

I am not sure if its the production (which also doesnt work with this track). But to say the least, my personal opinion is that its a whack song, what lyrics.. and poor delivery… but I will share it none the less. I also cant hear a word that JTD guy is saying.

listen to the song here:


download song here:


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