Ukoo Fulani – Mizani



Its interesting how we interpret music, this is one of the older song that Ukoo Fulani had. It was a huge hit back in the day, actually I still have it in shuffle on my ipod. However its interesting when you start to think about Swahili/Sheng Music vs direct translation and other ulterior meanings.

So in pure swahili speaking terms, the Mizani (which is the title of this hit song) means scales. But I went to a store recently and saw a hair product called Mizani… And then I looked at my ipod and I was almost baffled. However in the back of my head I was just saying at least its better than the Mavi Jeans product I saw about a year ago – that would have been a shitty campaign to market in Kenya – or make a song about. 🙂


listen to the song here:


download the song here:


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