P-Unit feat DNA – UNA


Paukwa – Pakawa, Jomino of course… I’ve tried to feature P-Unit prominently on this site through out certain segments. Their music style and technique to me seems to spread faster than the ebola virus. Which is funny when I read an article on the Daily nation about their career, and how they only have to hits on the market and seem to be making so much noise and publicity. To date they are known for Si Lazima and Kushoto Kulia.

But the reality to me especially after listening to this track is that they are here to stay. Especially now more than ever, after Musyoka signed them to his new record label and recording studio. (If you all remember Musyoka he is the super producer who works at the Fridge at Homeboyz Studios). Musyoka apparently has set up his own studio can record label called Decimal Records Inc. after completing some Engineering courses in the US (New York actually).

Lets Enjoy this music roller coaster because these cats will be here to stay. I watched an interview with them and Chao from Urban nights Capital FM… and I was thoroughly amused. They seem to have good charisma, good attitude, and most importantly seem to have fun doing what they do.

listen to the song here:


download the song here:

And also for bonuses I have thrown in the new video which is below

watch the new video here:


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