GetMziki Faceoff – Daddy Owen vs Kajairo (Katiba Soundtracks ****)


We have so much music to get put this month and I cant seem to find a good way to publish all these tracks, so forgive me if I stack up songs against each other. Forgive me if I post songs that are slightly old because they were sent to us a long time ago when they were relevant (like these two joints). Forgive me if I post 4 or more song collectively… I just need to find a way to process this back log and I cant think of a better way to do it at this point.

Here are two songs that came out during the Draft constitution voting sessions. The BEATS and the production is the same but the spitting is different on each track. One track is by Kajairo, the other is by Daddy Owen… Its obvious to me that Daddy OWEN was the intended recipient of this track and possibly the original writer/singer. However putting both songs on the same panel – which one seems more compelling?

Give them a listen.

listen to Katiba here

listen to Tobina here:



download Daddy Owen:

download Kajairo:


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