Grace Nakimera – Osobola (GetMziki Exclusive*****)


We here at GetMziki always strive to showcase music from different artists and create that platform for thier music to be heard across the world. One artist we have’nt featured here but who we should have is Grace Nakimera from Uganda. She’s from Muyanga, Bukasa and depending on who you talk to in Uganda, she’s considered as one of the top RnB artists in Uganda.

Grace started off by doing the female remix version of Ngoni’s successful record “Digi”, but her entry into the music scene was more noticed when she was featured in yet another GoodEnuff produced hit “Ani Akumanyi” one that got her more noticed than the two musicians she partnered with for the mega hit, Gatimo and Paragon.

One thing about Grace is that she’s the pioneer in Ugandan music in terms of pushing the musical and video concepts of her songs by showcasing things such as wet bikinis and water hose wet dripping girls in videos. Her past hit songs include tunes like Anfukula, Kiva Kuki, Sukuma, Kawonawo and Onyambaga Mukama.

We just recieved this track from our Ugandan connects and wanted to showcase it to the masses out there. The track is one of those mellow songs that just capture your ears in a smooth way. I’m not fluent in the Ugandan language, so if anyone out there can translate what she’s singing about, we’d appreciate it. Either way the track is hot!!!


Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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