GetMziki Top 10 Freshmen 2013 – Those Who Did Not Make The Cut



It’s about that time of the year when we feature the top 10 artists that hustled hard this past year. We initially started this to be the for the top ten rappers that were on the grind but after various discussions among the team we decided to include other genres of music. You can check out GetMziki’s top 10 Freshmen for 2012 here

I really want to take this time to give some props to the whole team from Leo and Louis. Special thanks goes to Dan Mixa and Carl the Truth who were instrumental in finalizing the ultimate list. This is our second year of doing this and I can fully guarantee that the whole process was done with no bias or favoritism, payola, camp affiliations or personal relationships. Like Ken Wa Maria says in his latest music video, for the local industry to grow we need to promote and showcase local talent on radio and tv.

Let me just give you a rundown of what happened. We started off with 20 artists and after long debates for weeks we narrowed it down to 10 artists. We looked at various things from the songs and videos the artists released to the constant grind. We really wanted to showcase artists that were future stars.

We will be showcasing the Top 10 Freshmen final list this week that will be accompanied by a compilation album. Below are the artists that almost made it on the list with their constant grind and constant quality records. We really struggled on which artists should make the final list and although the artists below did not make it on the list this year, they might make it next year. Kudos to all the artists…

Pizo Dizo
Rojo Mo
Baby Madha

Here are some music video records from the artists

Watch Pizzo Dizzo’s Chali Stinji below

Watch Rojo Mo’s -Salam Za Kwetu below

Watch Baby Madha Summer Holiday below:

Watch Kristoff’s- Tatoo Kwa thigh


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