Ghettoschola, Tony Vyce, Ma-dy, K-Ro, Mc Shu, Mc Pato, Easy G – Jihadhari


Real talk I got this song a few days ago but then I read the subject headline I was like damn thats too many dudes on one song I dont think its worthy so let me bless it when I get more time. A few hours ago I unwrapped this track and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. I seriously feel a revolution of UKOO FULANI all over this track and conglomerate of artists.

Tony Vyce the producer of the track and also the main producer at STATEHOUZE RECORDS (Kassarani) sent this track to me and real talk ITS FIREEEEE!!!. Listening to the track over and over again the social strong message on the track touches on almost all the current affairs facing the Kenyan community right now. The political issues, the ICC, the mean streets of Nairobi and generally the life of the struggling Kenyan youth.

Its probably true that a lot of their inspiration is from UKOO FULANI – MAU MAU but I still respect the fact that they have reinvented themselves and are killing the mic each MC at a time. if you have time please listen to the lyrical content its official..

listen to Jihadhari here:


download the track here:


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