Whip my Weave – Wawesh Refix (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I love Wawesh, I love a lot of what he has done in the community as a whole but most of all I love his sense of humor and creativity combined. You will never fully understand these aspects about the man unless you know him but this track should be an indication of how the genius creative works. Whats more hilarious about this remix is the fact that I got my first job on Capital radio because I made a comment about womens weaves on national radio. I mean who has the audacity to talk about weaves on radio!!

The reality at the time was that Kenyan men really dont like weaves, chiles tend to love them but Kenyan men really dont like them… I think I speak for most mean today when I say we still dont like them lol. There are many reason why we dont but the main factor is just the idea that you’d be running you hands thru a chiles head and you ran into tracks and things that you had no idea existed. Now I know its not easy for most women to look good without the weaves – but sometimes I just say wear your natural hair one time. If at all just once in your life be natural, even if natural is bald like my friend Wanuri.. just be it… For one day.

Either way Wesh hooked up this remix which puts so many ideas in my mind that I cant voice here because this is not the platform for my random thoughts. enjoy Wesh work here…

listen to whip my weave here:


download the track here:


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