Toxic feat K-NEL – Uzishi (Anglo Hili Remix)


We’ve been quite for a few days, lifes happening real fast around us and we are busy trying to launch other new services that we have been working on for years. That story has become like a broken record today, however we are hopeful this time round.

That said the music shouldnt stop – here is some brand new remix of Toxic’s Uzushi track remixed by and with K-NEL the hardest working Kenyan man in EU. There is something interesting about KNEL love him or hate him he has a certain vocal projection thats almost impossible to ignore. His Branding is on point and he seems to know which songs to jump on and which ones not to jump on. Was this the right song to jump on? You be the judge – for what its worth I love the BEAT.

listen to Uzushi here:


download the track here:


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