Holy Dave- Ushai Notice


Holy Dave, recently released this song titled Ushai Notice, that addresses politics, politicians and governance.

The song which comes a few months to Kenyan elections advises people to embrace unity and elect capable leaders

Holy Dave got lyrics and content..

Ushai notice, kuna leaders wakona character but siurudisha the same old characters
Ushai notice, siupigana damu inatrickle down then hakuna kitu inatrickle down
Ushai notice, siuingizwa box wanalost tunawacheki tena kwa ballot box
Ushai notice, wametuzoea kaa tissue but as a citizen what’s my role hio ndio issue
Ushai notice, watu tuligrow nao, sai social media tunatukanana nao
Ushai notice, tuki chill tuki party… no one asks unasupport which party
Ushai notice, Church siuimba open the flood gate then upendo unapotea tukifika kwa gate
Ushai notice, growing up tribe haiku matter, what happened what is the matter?

Gospel Mix : DJ Mista Trixx – Bring Down the House

[Download the SONG here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]


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