Hussein Machozi "Kafia Ghetto"



I had promised I would be posting some of the individual songs that were featured on ISHIKE RADIO PART 11. One of the artists who was featured is Bongo artist Hussein Machozi with the current bangers “Full Shangwe”, “Kafia Ghetto” and “Maji Yakimwagika”. If you don’t know who Hussein Machozi is then more reason why you should listen to his music. I always showcase “future stars” ( artists you probably never heard off but who are about to blow up) on all my street albums and people have come to expect that when they cop my street albums

“In his song ‘Kafia Ghetto’ Hussein Rashid better known as Hussein Machozi narrates a story of how a girl pays a young man a visit to inform him that she has accepted to be his girlfriend. This is after she had turned down his requests for friendship a number of times. The young man cannot not hide his joy and asks her to get seated while he goes to the nearby kiosk to get her a drink. Returning from the shop he finds the girl lying dead on his bed. Based on a personal experience of a close friend of his, the girl in real life does not die. The death of the girl in the song forces listeners to think deeply as to what they would have done if their loved one died immediately after declaring their love.” (Courtesy of Citizen Newspapers)

I’m sure this is a song everybody out there can relate to.
Enjoy the track!!!!!

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