Indiginas – Binti


images courtesy of Wambosie & Indiginas

images courtesy of Wambosie & Indiginas

(above images were taken during the video shoot for Binti in Oakland at Air Lounge)

Indiginas better knows as JP to many of his friends, is a close buddy who lives in Northern California with the rest of us Nyangau’s. It took me a while to connect the dots, that Indiginas was actually the cat in Mr. Lenny’s track “M.O.U” until one day he performed in Southern California during a Mr. Lenny concert and I was overwhelmed.

J.P is not your average artist, he leads a regular lifestyle as with most Kenyans in America – but the true inspiration comes from his persistence to continue and build on his musical career. Many Kenyan artists who moved to the US have tried to maintain their musical careers and failed… Hardstone, Bamboo, Lovi you name it… (And failure to me is not that you are not singing, but you are not able to sustain your brand long enough to remain relevant).

So Binti is a good upstart for Indiginas as he works on his upcoming album. I have heard about 3 tracks from the album and I must say I find it impressive (so far). However its going to be challenging to see how he plans on selling this music to Kenyans at large while he is based in the US. A part of me feels as though the Kenyan artists in the US just need to develop their own sound and feel or style to win the hearts of many… its difficult to keep up with the sheng, the slang and the culture in Kenya from up here.

Otherwise enjoy the well submitted track – They sent me the Accapella, the instrumental, the track and the remix… // Thanks guys and big ups!

listen to Indiginas Binti Track here:


download the main track here:

download the instrumental here:


Bonus material – download the accapella:


Extra Bonus Material: (Remix)

Indiginas feat Vintic Queezy – Binti remix

[audio: Remix.mp3]

download the remix here:

Watch the video here:


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