Brand New Music : Boomba Clan – Does your mother know!


image courtesy of Boomba Clan – Myspace

So this exclusive brand new track just fell of my laps, at first I was like damn Timbaland just landed in Kenya then once I heard the Lucas (Ogopa Engineered) drops. I was like heeeeeeellll NO!!!!! OGOPA has done the unthinkable. Ogopa DJ’s has finally changed their style. LUCAS is undoubtedly one of Kenyas greatest producers, but if this is a Lucas track then I have to say – OGOPA is up to something that I believe will change the whole Kapuka game in Kenya. (just when we thought we had figured out what an Ogopa beat sounds like.. wa wa wa wa)

This is a brand new track from Boomba Clan – The guys who brought you the hit track “Do Not touch my Car” and “Chonga Viazi”. These Jaluos know how to make catchy nursery rhyme hooks, repetitive beats and hooks that will keep people singing. Actually I think both Ogopa and Boomba are the kings of jingles, because if you listen to this track – really there are like three or for key lines, the rest are just repetitive hooks on “does your mother know”. So to me I cant judge Boomba as artists but rather as performers and good marketers. The whole Luo dialect really presents a compelling case to add flavor to the track… Actually these guys can be good comedians… 🙂

Needless to say I think Ogopa has come through on this joint, and Boomba of course has delivered and presented yet another radio hit. I cant dance to this song, but you bet its been on rewind and loop on my ipod. The beat sound Timbaland-ish.. I cant put my finger to which song, it must be the accordions and piano work but Lucas…. you have really out done yourself on this joint.. BIG UPS.

listen to the track here:


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