Madness Crew Presents Reggae Exclusives Mix


Many times DJ’s send me mixes to critic and to sample or make recommendations. My immediate opinion is always based on how many times the DJ name dropped his brand, how many dub plates (how many samples you have of other artists praising you) you have on your set, and very rarely would I comment on the types of songs a DJ has on his mixes.

However very few DJ’s move me, I have a list I would be willing to share at will… Am sure many people would want to know who is on the top of that list ha ha ha… // Let me put your curiosity to rest – my number one DJ right now is DJ Fuze (GetMziki Mixtape DJ and also Bay Areas finest) followed by DJ Mista Prime (also known as DJ Slikk for all those SWAT remembering cats and currently the producer of Xtreem Music Video) and then lastly DJ Edu (Destination Africa – DNA BBC 1extra).

But when Patrick sent me this mix, I was compelled to listen to the song selection, and I must say its probably one of the most impressive Reggae mixes I’ve listened to. There is a difference however from reggae dancehall and reggae lovers rock, not withstanding stuff like calypso which can add to the complexities of this rather broad genre. This mix falls in between a lovers rock and some calypso – where the BPM’s are at an average low. Once you throw Capleton – small world as the first track on your mix, am doomed.. and then lace it up with some Daville – Always on my mind.. Am kwisha.

Big ups to everyone at the Madness Crew – and Dj Mista Trix

// Enjoy the mix //

Listen to the mix online here:


download the whole set here:


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