Brand New: Indiginas feat Wambosie – Parararera



I have to admit I’ve sat on this song for a few days so that I can digest it completely. JP or better known as Indiginas is a Cali native who has been involved with some heavy hitters from Kenya to the US. However its interesting when I think about his journey as an artists. This is purely one classic example of an artist who has been committed to stay true to his roots, its all about consistency – and Indiginas is one person I know still riding the Kapuka beat high.

This track production is sick (tight), you can almost feel like Ogopa is somewhere in the US churning out beats. This is a happy go lucky track, a feel good vibe for the DISCO. I however don’t like the title name of the track – PARARARERA unless Sheng imenipita I am not sure what PARARARERA means. But maybe that will catch on with time. For what its worth – with or without that hook, the “Nina leta, nina wapa, nina sema, skiza ngoma, ina bambaaa, pewa hewa” makes a good enough jingle to sell the TUNE – you almost forget the Pararera…

Kenyan American TUNES are on the come up people I keep saying it – I think I will compile a top ten Kenyan American artists list and put their songs up for voting. I also think I will compile a list of all the Kenyan-American producers coz its hightime we start show casing some of these peoples work. (even the stuff that doesnt make it to the streets).

listen to the audio here:


download the track here:


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