Interlude: Daudi Kabaka feat Chiwawa – Bachelor Boy


As I was cleaning out my gmail inbox I discovered that there is so much music hiding in my email account (thanks to I am able to sieve through so much data and find out whats important and whats not. (believe it or not I have malizad my gmail space and quota).

That said in 2006 one of my Blackstar soldiers Edu Gee (he does most of the video and production work for Blackstar – Blackstar Films) produced this track which was a remix of Daudu Kabakas Bachelor Boy and a blend of a hook that chiwawa made. I personally never liked Chiwawa, he rubbed me the wrong way one day – toka siku hiyo hatuja wahi patana, laini Chiwawa is a real Chiwawa… he he he it doesn’t matter what I think about him personally, the boy can spit rhymes every once in a while.

They did this clip one day in the studio, I thought it would be fun to share it – I still cant believe Daudi had a track called Bachelor Boy..

ps. Edu Gee is not a producer so dont critic this based on sound/music production, I think he did this more for fun than publicity. I hope he doesn’t spark coz I shared it.

listen to bachelor boy here:


download the track here:


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