Jaguar – Kipepeo


It’s been a while since we featured Jaguar on the site and the last time we did saw, it was with “Kigeugeu”. I know many people insist that all his records sound the same and that he’s always shy to step out of his comfort zone. On the flip side, I can say that, he’s found his lane and he’s riding the wave until he hopefully gets another wave.

Most of his records have been produced at Ogopa Djs and people thought that they were supplying him with the same formula beats. Fast forward to Kipepeo where Jaguar steps from the Ogopa camp and grabs producer Phil at Main Switch Studios for his latest offering. He stepped from his normal team but everything about “Kipepeo” sounds and fells like an Ogopa Dj record.

Kipepeo which means butterfly in Swahili is a decent record, but it sounds and feels like a remake of “Kigegeu” and “Nikuskize”


Listen to the track below:


[CLICK HERE] to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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