Brand New: Jaguar – Nikusikize



Its unlike us to post two songs from the same artists back to back – but I have been underground for a few weeks so I am playing catch up. Strangely enough I have been looking at the Ogopa Youtube Channel lately and I am so impressed with the quality of music, the quality of the videos and the general direction the production house has taken. I particularly like the fact that Ogopa doesn’t try to do many things, they stick to what they are good at and do it well. If Ogopa was run by other people, they’d have a radio station, TV station, events company, beer company, and Biro pens and anything that could build the brand further and diversify their products – but NOOO Francis and Lucas Bikedo have managed to steer their company into Namibia building Ogopa Butterfly and churning out more hits than we can ever imagine.

Personally I respect that…

So a few weeks back when I got the Nikusikize track from Jaguar I knew it was an instant hit and definitely an Ogopa beat. There was no questions asked, I find this track more promising than the previous one I posted (Tayari). Maybe its the catchy hook or the repetitive hook style…

Enjoy nikusikize here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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