Jezzem – Journey into African based EDM



I am a low key EDM fan, but I am mostly into the new African based EDM sounds (which may have started in South Africa and are slowly making their way into East Africa). I think what African producers are doing to EDM is completely unfathomed and could potentially change the western music scene as well in a few years. I’ve been following and talking to a cat called Jezzem for a while now and although I prefer most of his old work when he does a remake or two/ he seems to be right on the money with where he wants to take his sound and production style.

Ideally a lot of these electronic/dance tracks are inspired by an already existing track so it only makes sense that I be drawn to the stuff that sounds familiar/ However with Jezzem there is nothing familiar with the original track.. boy is bad news!! listen to his work here.

Sample Jezzems version of Elani’s Nikupende track:

here is the original Elani track

Some other refixes on his soundclound can be sampled here as well…

And this nice Sage feat Octopizzo track


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