Nonini feat Chris Adwar – Kenya (50years) Produced by Musyoka



This post is going to be weird so brace yourself Nonini. While I can pick up the phone or email you directly, I think my thoughts would be a lot less dramatic than if I put them on this post so that I can share them with the world – LOL.

Nonini has been in the music business for a long time, he is probably one of the few artist that I consider who treats his brand like a BUSINESS. He’s stood up to a lot of shady business in Kenya in order to maintain his core values and his core brand. In fact as I understand there are some artists in Kenya who have 5 to 10 year licensing deals with Mobile network companies (this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard). Its fascinating to me how a mobile network company can ultimately define and decide the future of the music industry. But I digress that’s a discussion for another day. (Nonini isn’t one of the fortunate-unfortunate ones who are locked in this guerilla agreements).

What I want to talk about is Nonini’s current music trajectory (style and format/ message). A big part of me misses the Keroro, the Manzi wa Nairobi and stuff (I have echoed these sentiments here overtime). I am one of the few Nonini fans thats refused to grow with him and fully embrace his new music and new attitude towards using his gift to empower others. I am struggling with that today – please note that I understand the goal and objective but as a Nonini fan I have just refused to grow up with him LOL

This world premier i am sharing today is a collaboration of Noni and Chris Adwar celebrating Kenyas existence (50years now). Its been 50 years since Kenya attained its internal self-rule, but a part of me is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Nonini is delivering this message to me. The track was even further blessed and produced by Musyoka to add to the blessings – but I don’t know, maybe its just me.

Nonini is a bad ass lyricist and I am scared that I am lost in all the goodness he is trying to bring to the world. Is it wrong to refuse to grow up with your artist? I mean seriously Nonini has a wife and kid now and we talk about it in fact he actually opens up about them on this track for the first time ever. Nonini I am conflicted – what should I do?

I mean even NAO is just a grown up track (lyrically) :
Kataa hio was a socially motivated track :
Anyway maybe Pole Pole is a hybrid :

Anyway Nonz leo sijui nasikia aje! Really what I want from you is more Kadhaa (which is also still socially inspiring ;-)) :

listen and download the track here:

Watch the video here:


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