Joey, Julianni, June, Frasha, DNA, JuaCali, Angie, Collosh – Kenya we Pray


This track features all the above named artists in somewhat a collabo thats a first of its kind. I like the track I think its meaningful and appropriate for the moment, I however didn’t really agree with the process that started the journey to produce the track. And thats just my own opinion. I honestly didn’t get the whole FEB 28thing I tried to but I didnt get it. I dont know maybe because I am not in Kenya, or I may have missed the objective but I didn’t understand what the entire rationale was.

I know some people will hate on me for saying these words or for simply being unpatriotic, its a typical emotion – however I am not bashing the movement or moment, I am merely stating a fact from my point of vew which is – I just didn’t understand what was to happen next. Either way if this track was part of the fruits of that initiative, then its safe to say just the sheer fact that I am talking about it, they may actually have accomplished what they wanted… DIALOG… these could be some very interesting future humble conversations.

To sum up my meaningless rant – I think its obvious some Kenyans want some sort of change (I mean realistically speaking the entire cabinet is the same folks over the last 30 years or so, they just move around from ministry to ministry so nothing much is changing in governance really). I think however for change to actually start in Kenya – that middle class needs to first change and then we need to stop assuming that the entire Kenya is online or connected enough to impact certain movements. Guys are still poor in many parts of Kenya which will make it hard to make some real change if guys still depend on old money. Bla bla bla..

Like many other Kenyans – I too continue to PRAY..

listen to Kenya we Pray here:


download the track here:

update: we just learned this track had nothing to do with the FEB 28 event and organization

watch the video as well here:


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