French Boy feat Ray C – Moto Moto


Am not going to talk about Ray C coz that always steals from the fact that a song is just tight. Okay maybe I will talk about her for one second… Ray C is still sexy I don’t care what anyone else says, homegirl just know how to carry herself like a … well seductive tool. I think this part of her branding is well taken care of. Thats it no more on Ray C.

This track is actually pretty old, it came out last year around Sept/Oct and has probably done its circuits in East Africa but I think its worth a post here today. It goes without saying I love the track a lot… Ive been bumping it for a few days now and its on heavy rotation on my ipod and media player at work. If you pay close attention to French Boy you will realise you’ve seen him before somewhere, thats coz he was/is part of Historians. What happened to Historians man – I really liked that “Hey DJ” Track and the Bouje Bouje … man anyway .. I hope they come up with an album or something. Either way Frenchie this track is FIRE.. FIYAAAAH..

download and listen to the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

watch the video here:


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