Kanja feat Ava Lov – I used to remember (GetMziki Exclusive **) With Bonus TRACK!!


I recently met Kanja in Las Vegas over the rugby fiasco. We met briefly but didnt really get a chance to sit and talk as it is I dont think he really knew who I was so I was humble enough not to interfere with the Ma-fans around him. Its amazing how overtime you talk to a gang of people via email and text or phone and you eventually meet up and they have no clue who you are. Either way I was surprised to see him with the watus, mingling and pretty much in the thick of folks. He spent most of his time tucked next to Bamboo and Naomi but for most part they all seemed relatively cool and casual around Kenyans.

I bring this up because often when you meet up with Kenyan “Celebs” in Kenya they have the Celeb factor which I totally hate. Its like you met Al Pacino… and at times sadly we grew up in the same mtaa or the same schools with some of these cats. In my opinion the most successful local artists are the ones that are very accessible and open – Africans love to feel like they can connect with their artists and thats a huge advantage to any artist who embraces his or her fans (good example is Nonini whom you can have coffee with at Mc Donalds or Kosewe regardless).

Anyway not to digress but Kanja dropped this track a few weeks ago but I wanted to hold up on it for a few days so that we can bless it properly. It’s a different rapping technique from what I thought he did in the past. Kanja seems to be reinventing himself and plugging himself in the US entertainment ecosystem well enough. I only wonder if he has the traction to pull through the clutter and actually come out on top. I think he understands his brand and is definitely on the right path in terms of building his swagger around the market here – whats left to see is if his talent can rise up above the 50,000 lyricist struggling for that top spot. The fact is however is that Kanja can stand his own and with this track he is proving just that. I added a bonus track that I’ve had for a long time too which can prove the diversity in this cat…

Keep doing your thing KM – big things await you.

listen to I used to remember here:


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Listen to Paradise here:


download the track here:


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