Brand New: Jua Cali feat Mejja – Bongo La Biashara


Jua Cali

Here is a not so new song but as far as this website is concerned it might as well be new. Bongo la Biashara has been an evasive song in our database, each time we got a copy it wasn’t up to our standards and also more importantly it wasn’t complete. Finally we managed to get our hands on something more meaningful (full version).

This is a classic JuaCali track, to have Mejja on this track is a blessing because the two artists are probably the most sought after Genge artists in Kenya currently (or at the time of recording this song). The beat sounds so futuristic like something off a West Coast producer, with the pianos the plug in accordions and the harps. I like the track – but without further due – enjoy the track

listen to Bongo la Biashara here:


download the track here:


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