Ousmane – Little Star


image courtesy of Normadic Wax

Ousmane’s other names are Wanjohi Waregwa for those who didn’t know and he has like six other siblings (they are 7 kids in their family in total). Here is where it gets interesting, he was born in Mombasa and then moved and went to school in Nakuru town (St Colombus High School). Many people who grew up in Kenya know how Kenyans tend to associate social classes based on which high school an individual went to.

I put this here so that I can draw relationships between his music style and his lyrical content value. Ousmane to date has tried to maintain the Kenyan reggae scene (if at all there is anything like that). I have to say the reason I admire this cat is because he doesn’t try to do what Jamaicans do, he doesn’t try to speak in patois (patwa). He just does his music in the same rhythm, adds a little of that Genge/Kapuka we like and then says things as any Kenyan would. That’s what I like. I have a tendency to block out any local artist who tries to rap/sing in patois. The Redsans, the Nazizi and Wyre to name a few I really just don’t fancy that whole style… Wyre is a very good friend of mine and he has constantly explained to me that, that’s what he does, that’s him – personally I beg to differ.

Needless to say this is one of Ousmane’s classic hits, I decided to post it before the end of the year.

listen to little star:


download track here:


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