Joseline – Nisikilize


Disclamer: The audio for this track is missing I corrupted the version that they sent me, if anyone has this audio hit me up.

As we wrap up the year, I know a lot of Bongo Flava has gone un-posted which was simply done intentionally. We also neglected to post up a lot of Uganda music that we received over the few months Get Mziki has been running. One of the greater challenges has been to find a meaningful editor but I think we have made some few partnerships that will eventually fulfill the needs of this site.

DJ Dona (Dona Productions – is going to be helping out with a lot of the Bongo Flava edits and postings. We also have other DJs in Tanzania we will be working with closely – Kwafujo DJs (Majize) and his crew so things should go smoothly with putting Tanzania on the map. Uganda still remains slightly evasive, not because they are no DJs but because the supply isn’t as consistent – none the less there are some Ugandan DJs I met in Oakland – maybe we shall call them soon.

The track am posting this Boxing day (only recognized holiday in some European countries and African countries, don’t go telling your boss in the US that today is boxing day) is from a friend of mine called Joseline. Not too many people have heard of Joseline but I think he is a little big deal in Tanzania. He was one of the few artists I felt was a complete package when he kicked off his career (not necessarily vocally) but dude had the image thing going on, used to work out so his biceps were a ladies phenom and essentially he had a posse. Its important to have group of groupies and a posse ha ha ha…

Ive shared the track that I like (and that I lost the Audio for – Nisikilize) and I also added some new fire from a guy called Dollo feat Joseline.

Joseline – Nisikilize

Dollo feat Joseline – Siwezi kuwa nawe tena


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