JuaCali – Miaka (GetMziki Exclusive *****)



We’ve had this track for a while but we weren’t so sure about how to release it until last week when JuaCali sent the video. I think after seeing the video the lyrics and the beats just put the visuals to a complete circle. I want to say a lot about how this track makes me feel and the places it touches in my soul with the content but I wont. Especially because I grew up in Buru Buru phase V, so I can relate to probably 97% of the experiences growing up in Eastlands.

So I wont add any commentary.. Ill let you listen and bless the comments section.

I couldn’t help it listening to the track again i just have to air out my laundry. Growing up in Eastlands has to be one of the best things ever in this world. Most of the folks who grew up in that part of Nairobi will understand the next few statements am about to make. To me I think majority of the Buru, Jeri, Koma, Umo, Marish and so forth neighborhoods are really guys who made a way out of no way. Personally I grew up in an Esto (raunda) that I thought was the shit. I think if I was to add lyrics to JuaCalis song – I would touch on BANO (spider, Krakis no payee’s), I would add on Safo (which normally was around Easter time, like now), I would add tipo (more like brikisho, bantu or whatever the hell that means), I would add TV – how one jama would leave the house and shout “Spiderman ime anzaaaa”. I think when I got older we had this one guys hao we would go to watch porno at (was probably a Kao too ha ha ha). Also when I grew older circuit na mathree was a standard (like when you sit in a mat until the tape finishes ha ha ha). Anyway I just love this song coz it ignites a lot of fond memories.

Leo’s Edit: Miaka Kumi na Nne – Nilikuwa na Feya mzeiya, lakini feya yangu ilikua diambo, ilikuwa inaitwa Chulita – juu iko na blada na chuma. Feya ya wagondi wapyenga. hukuweza kuni zushia .. nilikuwa mrui noma!!! OTERO… Big Ben..

Anyway enjoy this banger…

listen to Miaka here:


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