Ringtone feat SK Blue – Pamela (GetMziki Exclusive ****)



I just realised very few people actually know how to utilize our homepage. Maybe its us as GetMziki that have failed in terms of designing or customizing the music experience on the first page you see when you visit this site but we often reiterate that any song you cant find on the blog you can find on the main page. We built that page for quick hits that we don’t have time to write stories about.

Anyway that said we have been getting numerous requests for this title track “PAMELA” which is a grand collaboration of SK Blue and Ringtone. The problem is we had posted this song on our homepage weeks ago and it seems a few people hadn’t really noticed it there. PAMELA is a very endearing Gospel song based on a guy reminiscing on the relationship and moments he remembers of this quite church going girl who seems to have lost her way recently. Its a becking call to the young lady that God still has room and space for her and she can wake up to receiving the eternal fruits if only she answers. So through the song SK and Ringtone are simply talking about how Pamela introduced them to God and how she has changed so much now.

I am about to upload a new Mixtape I got from DJ Kaydee – where he dropped this song and a remix to it thats just Fiyaaah. (immediately I get the track list, we are not going to post any more mixtapes with no tracklists). But once I heard this track on that mixtape I figured its time to accept the fact that PAMELA (even if its an old track). Its definitely a BANGER.

listen to Pamela here:


download the track here:

[Download the track here(RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS):]

watch the video here:


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