Just A Band – HAHE (GetMziki Exclusive ****) – A Musyoka Exclusive –


image courtesy of Just-A-Band Facebook// modified by GetMziki

A few months ago I was involved in discussions with Musyoka and some producers in Kenya to develop an album for GetMziki that would be pure Genge/Kapuka Dance. We are still in preliminary discussions as of today. The vision we have at GetMziki is that the next big artists to break the market will be a mixture of Dance and Genge. We strongly believe that if we could un-kapuka or un-genge all these hits and add some dance or some fast paced music we might be onto something eclectic.

Now JAB (Just-A-Band) has been doing their thing for a few years now, but they haven’t been rapping on their beats. I adore and love this group – their music, their style, their artwork, their videos – everything about them is just fresh and original. They essentially have reinvented Kenyan Urban Music and we love them for that. But JAB doesnt rap (well according to me). Imagine if we could put DNA or JuaCali on one of the JAB beats, imagine if that beat was so sick.. imagine if that beat was produced by someone as talented as Musyoka…


I think Musyoka, as if to show me that he heard me on my first initial emails – laced up JAB with this crazy track. And on the flip side JAB as if they heard me – are proving to me that they too can flow, its just not about the singing. This track is fresh, this track is HOT. This track makes me feel good about being an Urban music activist in the US and telling all these US producers to check out the site. Mad props to everyone involved in putting this together. JAB’s album drops this weekend (17th October) and you can check their website for more local information – Just-A-Band. However I am just overwhelmed today with the tracks composition. Give it a few spins, even if you don’t like DANCE I am sure you will appreciate the flow.

listen to hahe here:

download the track here:


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watch the video here:


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