M.I Feat DJinee – Safe/A Millie



MI, real name Jude Abaga is a Naija superstar that just won the awards for “Best New Act” and “Best Hip Hop” at the 2009 MAMA awards that were held in Kenya this past Saturday . Kenya were represented at the awards when Nameless and Amani both won the “Best Male” and “Best Female” artist category. Someone told me that MI stands for Mr. Incredible. I’m not sure if that’s true but its definitely a description for his talent.

Before I go on, Leo Faya showcased M.I way back in April (Click here for the post) and I’m sure some people were like “Who’s this”. Here’s an excerpt from the post

“This is urban African music people – this is real African Hiphop, these are our stories being told in our way… ”

Do I need to say more!!!!.

One thing we are proud here at GetMziki is always showcasing future stars. We’ve also been bumping this song and video for a couple of months now. M.I won the highly coveted Hip Hop World Awards category and Best Rap Single of the year in Nigeria in 2009 but until then many people across Africa and in Nigeria believed that they were not really ready for what MI was trying to showcase. I’m pretty sure they are all now trying to jump on the bang wagon. M.I is more or less like Lil Wayne in Niaja, coz he’s practically on every body’s song, album or remix track. He’s also jumped on many radio friendly songs and done tons of mixtape tracks like on the classic “A Millie” beat. Can I borrow from Drake’s “forever” track and remix it by saying “Like a sprained ankle, African hip hop ain’t nothing to play with”


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A Mille (Remix)

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/2_M.I_A Milli _Remix_.mp3]

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A Mille (Remix):

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