K-Nel Feat Bamboo- Obama Swagger



After the victory by Obama last year and the song “Swagger Like Us” by T.I driving the streets crazy at that time, I thought of a way of flipping the script to reflect that historic win. I immediately thought of the basic idea , ran it through a couple of artists, and the ones that came through first were K-Nel and Bamboo. They jumped in the studio to give their take on the 2008 elections “swagger” year and the result is a winner. Immediately the “Obama Swagger” song premiered on Homeboyz radio, the calls and comments coming from various sources was that the song had held it’s own weight as compared to the original version. This is one of those street songs that capture your everyday life and meant for everyone since we all got some type of “swagger” in us. Also, Bamboo is in talks to sign to K-Nels Stars limit roster. Enjoy the track!!!!!!!

Listen To The Track Here:


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