K-Tizzy feat Politiq – FLY (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of DJ Dyme & KTeezy

Ahhhh finally DJ Dyme sambazad me this track – allow me to exercise my discretion at this point – yani vile na ifeel tu, because I got some of the emails and text messages from the first day of air play for this track in Kenya and there was a bunch of mixed emotions and negative vs positive… Bottom line a lot of people didnt know how to feel about this joint. Which is okay – here is my upuzi statement “I dont care – this song is the shit” ha ha ha lol.

But for real, I gave Eve Dsouza the challenge to put this track on air and its been playing for a few days now, but people are not ready for this whole Kenyan American thing – I said it before and am going to say it again – penda msi pende its coming and its coming in a big way. In a few years time we will not be flying Nonini, Nameless or JuaCali to the US, in a few years time we will have formed and defined our own versions of that Juacali in the US in such a big way it will be ridiculous. Infact I envision a time where Kenyan artist in the US travel to Kenya to perform because they are so successful and their demand in Kenya has increased.

Consistency is key – so long as these cats keep doing what they do because its in their blood – then they will go places. I am not saying this is the best song, I am saying each month i am overwhelmed with the amount of growth coming from Kenyan artists who live in the US. Each day these Bedroom DJ’s and Bedroom artists break the balance which most artists in Kenya enjoy. You have to consider these cats have no radio play, have no newspapers to aggregate their talents. So they push their music through the Internet and the little shows they get here and there – but the reality is their formula is working… If you can get a guy like me to pay attention, I think you will get half of the world to pay attention. And to me this kind of production quality, auto tune adaptation and Lil Wayne swagger is whats going to break the industry.

Kenyan music needs to be disrupted – I think many big artists are comfortable and many small artists are not being challenged to produce quality material. To me this whole K – US Movement is what East Africa needs. I will always post good shit… and this is some good shit… YOU JUST WANNA FLY FLYYYYY (naskia mwangazaaaa) ps. I like the scratches in the background …

listen to Fly here:


download the track here:


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